Sunday, March 28, 2010

Barcampsg an Impressive Session - Da Vinci Pool

Yesterday I was there through out the Barcamp held at Singapore Polytechnic and it was quite interesting. One of the sessions By Prof. Jolyon Caplin gave me an aha movement .. oh we can do like this also.. that is Da Vinci Pool

The way the the speaker delivered the content is very much attractive and the content too. This session is a a very good learning point for many and at least for me.

  • The session made very energetic. I feel he is able to achieve such active participation because he loves his job and very creative

  • We can also exhibit the same energy when we involved in any activity be it a drink - My resolve

  • We can also use such techniques when we need to speak

  • His energy level /excellency attracted so many applauds in 30 minutes session. I saw everyone felt so happy..Involved.. Surprised..feeling Aha

Photo Courtesy: @bydaylight,@ohmysupersuper

I will update the video link once i get it you can also enjoy and realize

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